Garcinia Cambogia Reviews – Good morning everyone, today instead of a post of routines I bring my experience testing the garcinina cambogia. Not if you know what it is, so I’ll try to explain it as best as possible. In a nutshell is the new dietary boom, that have already proven to be famous and that already bombard you advertising on all pages of dietetics. It is like green tea, a fat burner, but they say that this is thermo genic. Also assumes that it is also an appetite suppressant. I sincerely do not finish understanding the difference between the two, so I cannot give more information.

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The only thing I can do is tell you my experience, here; some people usually sell some things that “help” to lose weight and others. I saw this dietary supplement just the same day that I discovered it; the morning had read a couple of articles and in the evening when I went to buy my parents saw it. So I said why not? I grabbed it and I’ve been testing it two weeks.

You know that the signs that give us are that you take one in each major meal, or at breakfast, lunch and dinner. I sincerely evenings not took it me because I wanted it to last me more than one week. I had thought that 30-40 capsules – Yes, I pulled the box before writing this. _. – And if you take three capsules a day in 10 days and peak have to buy again. And this at least for me is very expensive. Okay, which cost only € 5, but if you’re not working €5 each 10 days they do not bite, hurt. So ladies and gentlemen, I prefer to take two a day which last me at least five days longer.

Well we are already going to experience, I have to say that my I was surprised very much, during the first few days I noticed the volume of belly I fell pretty, even trousers began to fall. That joy gave me when I saw that lol. But it is true that from the first week already I did not notice that I help both. Or to the beginning if it works, but when the body appears to be getting used to being much slower. Although it is also true that this happens with all kinds of diet.

So, do I recommend it? Well, if you have an event important suuuuuuper and need to lose a couple of pounds if I recommend it, but I think that without exercise is not going to get anything for many add-ins that you take. If you want to start or continue with the operation bikini, you can take them, but a good regime is always better with good diet and exercise.

So far all for today, we meet again tomorrow and you know that the comments box is at your disposal. Hapy nice day


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