The Pros and cons of the Garcinia Cambogia– Whenever we get to diet to be able to lose weight we end up breaking it and put it aside because us kills hunger or we tend to be whimsical mainly by those foods that are forbidden in our diet. So a lot of people leave diets and begins to eat more and tends to even gain more weight.

100% of people who are dieting or apply a method to lose weight, only 30% make it to his term and that we’re talking about a percentage quite optimistic.

So today will discuss supplement which is currently much positioned in the market and is mainly used to achieve weight loss extract of Garcinia Cambogia.

garcinia for weight loss, the pros and cons

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Garcinia cambogia for weight loss, Is it true?

How to lose weight fast with Garcinia cambogia?

Many people who recommend this supplement suggest that it helps to decrease appetite and helps that you lose weight in a simple way.

Even in the program of Dr. Oz, who is a well-known physician of the U.S. TV has promoted this product which has generated greater audience and consumption.

You can check online the program of Dr. which speaks of the Garcinia Cambogia. And it emphasizes the fact that is a natural way to lose weight.

There are many supplements on the market and people tend to self-experimenting with them, although it is true that only very few work and this depends completely on each body.

Garcinia Cambogia has had very good acceptance in recent months so I hope the information provided here will help you to learn more about this supplement.


does garcinia really work?

There are various investigations about the Garcinia Cambogia in people and animals.

Studies in rats show that Garcinia is able to inhibit the enzyme citrate lyase, which has the function of producing fat by inhibiting this enzyme is harder for the body to produce fat from give them carbohydrates contained in the body.


garcinia cambogia fruit

Both of the Garcinia is spoken but we don’t often have knowledge about what is and where it comes from, good as it is is a plant known as Garcinia gummi-gutta.

It is a plant native to Southeast Asia, it has a bitter taste and is used in many traditional dishes from Asia, and its form resembles much of a small green pumpkin.

Cover the fruit has a lot of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), this ingredient is credited to be it substance that causes you to lose weight when consumed the Garcinia.

One of the main functions of this acid is to limit the transformation of carbohydrates into fat.


Remember that most of the investigations are carried out in control groups that many people selected include so that the study can be but this gives us results that are General, it is difficult to analyze an effect individually, but we should not rule out that there is the possibility of losing weight by consuming this supplement individually remember that each agency works different from what throws us a result on average.

In terms of their consumption as it comes from a natural plant appears to be very safe and the main thing is that it does not cause side effects that can affect the body in a meaningful way, secondary outcomes include light digestive ailments but they are not really relevant.

One of the easiest ways to find out if it can work for you your body is to try a brand that is approved by the FDA and contains at least 50% of hydroxycitric acid. The more commercial dose is 500mg.


The advantages of this supplement are that also carried out some research in people called randomised controlled trials.

A very interesting study was conducted in people with overweight and 2 control groups were used:

A total of 135 people to a group was given 3gr of Garcinia Cambogia in 3 doses per day trying it out 30 minutes before each meal, that in order to see a greater effect in people.

And the second single group was a control group which was given placebos, in general when a study is conducted to the study participants are informed on what and that there is the possibility to use a placebo but not shown them who in particular are given, this usually is selected randomly those who take the ingredient and not, so those who conduct the research get more specific results.

Ensuring that both groups have similar characteristics in this case take a diet low in calories but with high fiber content.

The study lasted for 3 months and the results were published in the journal of the American Medical Association Heymsfield et to the. 1998

In the 2 groups the participants lost weight, the funny thing was that the placebo group went on to lose more weight around 4. 1 kg and the group that took the Garcinia Cambogia lost less around 3.2 kg. Within the research also body fat of the participants was analyzed and it was also noted that the placebo group lost 2.16% fat and those who took the Garcinia Cambogia lost 1.6%.

To make the statistical evaluation the difference really was not very significant which could indicate that the results are not entirely conclusive and that they could be due to chance or other factors as the successful completion of the diet etc.


A study in overweight women showed that women who consumed Garcinia Cambogia lost 1.3 kg greater than comparison that consumed a placebo, the study lasted for 3 months and there were no significant differences in terms of appetite.

Another of the investigations threw different results, not showed a weight loss but if an inference about the reduction of abdominal fat and blood lipid reduction, mainly triglycerides.

If you look at the results of the above studies we can say that there is no consistent data indicating that the Garcinia Cambogia helps to significant weight loss.

So I think that more research on this supplement is required because for some people may work for others not.

In the journal of Obesity, we conducted a review in 2011 in which various clinical trials were analyzed and was obtained as a result that the Garcinia Cambogia helps lose weight by an average of.88kg over a period of several weeks.

One thing is certain when reviewing investigations there are longer-term outcomes to achieve weight loss by consuming the Garcinia Cambogia, observed results in one period exceeding two months of consumption of the supplement.

Increased consumption of Garcinia extract in particular containing hydroxycitric acid (HCA) can help you to lose weight in a short period.

Even truly research does not demonstrate that there is a clinical relevance, why is recommended to analyze more studies and taking into account that it can help weight loss but it will not do so if only the supplement. Its effects are positive but very little significant.


There are many supplements on the market that are used for weight loss and I think that you have tried at least one to achieve weight loss.

To who not interested in consuming a product that achieves the effect that that has those who promote it.

There is research that shows as many ingredients, supplements and food help that you can lose weight such as caffeine, green tea and a fiber which helps to decrease appetite called glucomannan, what is true is that by itself only ingredient will not do it most of the research on these and many other ingredients have not been released one that only I could weight loss.

The reality is that if we want to lose weight, these are only an aid within what we call generating a healthy lifestyle that includes proper diet to achieve weight loss and exercise.

Consume a supplement may help us get faster, more visible short-term results that combine it with a proper diet and exercise.


With all the research being performed perhaps we are closer to discovering a supplement or medication that works effectively and help us to lose weight.

Meanwhile, it is important to focus more on the type of food we eat and if you want to consume a supplement as the Garcinia Cambogia you are in your right to do so, but the reality is that if you eat it without modifying your diet I doubt very much that you can get the results you want.

I leave it to your discretion if you decide to consume it or not in the end and after this demonstrated that natural consumption is safe.

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